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Image by Aaron Burden

Welcome Event: Women in Conservation

20 August 2020

Our first event to a global audience. Six themed discussion topics from volunteering, choosing further education, family balance and planning a conservation career switch.

Women in Conservation Workshop

01 October 2020

An interactive online workshops. 
Personal development workshop, guests speakers and flash talks on female leadership, equality in STEM and sustainability. Panel discussion and audience Q&A with a women in a variety of roles from marine conservation, entomology and community engagement.

Image by Boris  Smokrovic
Image by Ernest Porzi

Burnout & Resilience in Conservation

03 December 2020

Workshop and mini-coaching session around issues of burnout and mental resilience in conservation. Featuring Thirza Loffeld and Jane Cockerell.

Festive Fundraising Nature Quiz

21 December 2020

End of year quiz with prizes and to raise funds for Social Bite, Hedgehog Preservation Society and East Dorset Bat Rescue. Brining together old friends and new faces to the community.

Image by Olena Sergienko
Image by Tim Gouw

The Conservation Big Chat

28 January 2021

The first social 'meet up' to discuss issues facing us in the new year. An honest space for networking, making connections and finding solutions. This of our 'Big Chat' sessions like a social club!

Women in Conservation Webinar

16 February 2021

REPLAY: Watch back the webinar and visit our resource page.

A joint webinar with Conservation Careers on the theme Women in Conservastion

Image by Kaye Hanson
Image by Masaaki Komori

The Big Chat - Spring Clean

18 March 2021

Second of the social 'meet up' session for this year - a relaxed informal space to discuss conservation and career issues and meet like-minded people.

& so many more

2021 - 2023

  • No 8: Satellite Careers: Sustainability at LEGO 

  • No 9: Good to be Green: Careers

  • No 10: Satellite Careers: Fundraising at London Zoo

  • No 11: Satellite Careers: Communications at Beaver Trust

  • No 12: Satellite Careers: Madagascar Whale Shark Project

  • No 13: Conservation Leadership Workshop

  • No 14: The Big Spring Chat 2022

  • Women in Conservation II with Conservation Careers

  • No 15: Wellbeing in Conservation: The Big Autumn Chat 2022

  • No 16: Marine Careers at COP27

  • No 17: Communication in Conservation Workshop with Rory Crawford

  • No 18: Wellbeing Workshop with Conservation Careers 2023

  • No 19: Rewilding Workshop with Scotland: The Big Picture

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