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Our platform was created out of hundreds of conversations with friends that inevitably ended with the words 'oh and another thing'. There was always more to be said.

This is a space for informal networking, workshops, career insights, panel discussions and more. We are focused on conservation issues and personal development within the environmental and outdoor industry.  

Importantly we are still learning too, we relish discussion and the chance to learn, grow and change.

All are welcome here, with or without a background in conservation. This is a space for honest discussion and making connections.

Get in touch to find out more.

Wild Flowers
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'Finding this space and being part of these conversations has been life changing for me - it helped something to click and was the catalyst for some major life decisions and actions'
'It is lovely to know we are not isolated in our worries and experiences - as someone at the start of their conservation journey, it's wonderful to have a platform to discuss concerns, rather than figure it out alone.'

Every morsel of advice, every affirmation in your sessions, was valuable and helped me to get to this point. I took a leap of faith, applied for my first job in the sector - and I got it!

'I wanted to share my good news after out talks - I have been offered a full time permanent position! Thank you for hosting, it was great to find a group of like-minded people and comforting to know I'm not alone.'

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