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Kirsty Crawford

Kirsty currently works for an environmental charity as a Senior Citizen Science Project Officer, delivering a host of nature and community based wildlife programmes. 

She has taken a few different paths: from her undergraduate in Journalism and Creative Writing in Glasgow, a Performing Arts Diploma from Italia Conti and years spent in London as a professional performer. To internships with the BBC Natural History Unit, roles at London Zoo and Buglife, then finally graduating with an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. 

She is passionate about being 'more than one thing' in life and advocating for the impact of environmental education through many different sectors.

After meeting Laura and working together at ZSL London Zoo, it became clear that the two shared similar views on conservation issues and the need for a more open, transparent space for discussion. 

She currently lives in Glasgow - find her on Instagram @wildscotplace.

Laura Cuppage

After graduating  in 2012 with a BA Hons Textile for Fashion and Interiors Degree, Laura has worked in many different industries to find her calling. It was in her role at ZSL London Zoo where she entered into the world of conservation. She worked as a Presenter and then Live Interpretation Developer, researching and writing engaging educational content to deliver to audiences live. She also undertook freelance illustration work for ZSL which included 3 storybooks and artwork for worldwide animal adoption packs. 

After leaving the zoo in 2019, she returned home to Bournemouth and is currently working in an eco-friendly cafe. Laura is concentrating on continuing to use her artwork as a way of communicating her passion for the natural world and conservation. 

Though not currently working directly in conservation, it's something that has become a lifestyle, effecting day-to-day decisions. Through this platform she wants to reassure those who don't work in conservation but have a passion for it, that they can still be conservationists and are still as important in the fight for change.

 She currently lives in Bournemouth - find her on Instagram @ljcup & @laura.cuppageart.


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